We are all chasing the American dream, but for some of us, it is a bit more… Italian. It is no secret that Lamborghini has long been a trademark for success. It is up there with other luxury brands like Ferrari and Bugatti.

We can even say that Lambos are a bit ahead of the competition with the younger generation focusing almost exclusively on them. Younger millionaires are more often found with a Lamborghini rather than something else. But here comes the question – do you have to be a millionaire to buy one? Perhaps not!

What makes Lamborghini special?

You may dream of buying a Lamborghini Aventador, but have you ever wondered why? Sure, it is a luxury car, which makes it inherently awesome. And yet, if you look at the facts, it does not seem that special. It is owned by Volkswagen Group and is operated by its Audi division. Can we truly say it is even Italian?

Here is the thing – all these details do not matter. Lamborghinis are desired because the company did their job well. They marketed the vehicle like crazy while maintaining scarcity. So all of a sudden rich people took it as a challenge to own a Lambo. From then things snowballed.

While that is the gist of it, we should also mention another major point. Lamborghinis are all about self-expression. A lot of their components are hand-made. You can pick any color you want, and you can even give them an interior design of your choice. Hardly do other companies give you such freedom. Even if it comes at a steep price. But that being said…

How much money do you need to make to buy a Lamborghini?

While this is an obvious question, it does not have an obvious answer. Because, honestly, there are many buying routes you can take. Which model do you want? Is it okay for you to buy used? Perhaps you want it all customized? These things can crank up (or lower) the price.

The current Lamborghini lineup is not very diverse. It consists of only a few models, one of which is a bit of an oddball. And quick research shows that you do not technically need to be a millionaire in order to buy one. However, there are some caveats.

The cheapest new Lamborghini – not what you think it is

Image source: lamborghini.com

Lamborghini is currently going the Porsche route. The German sports car manufacturer broke its long-standing tradition in 2002 by developing an SUV. It was quite the shake for fans at the time. But it has proven to be a very smart move. The funny thing here? Porsche is also owned by VW Group.

So perhaps it was a matter of time for us to see Lamborghini diversifying their lineup as well. Because they have done exactly that. They unveiled their new SUV, named Urus, in December 2017. However, this is not the first non-sports car in the company’s history. There are the Lamborghini LM002 and a few prototypes before that. But still, an SUV in 2018 is a big departure from decades of supercar-only production.

The intriguing part is that it will be available for purchase at the starting rate of $200,000. So… affordable, right? Well, all jokes aside, that may indeed become the cheapest Lamborghini. But something rubs me wrong here. After all, people who want a Lambo as a status symbol (or even just for fun), want the supercar, not an SUV. So this leads us to…

The most affordable new Lamborghini sports car

Image source: lamborghini.com

If an off-road vehicle is not what you want in a Lamborghini, I get you. That is how a lot of people feel. But the good news is that there is a Lambo sports car that may not be that far off the same price range.

I am talking about the new Lamborghini Huracan. It is a model from 2014, which is still in production to this date. There are several modifications to it, but it remains the cheapest one on the list. By cheap, I mean $200,000 cheap. Which, apparently, is half the cost of the famous Aventador.

Now, if the Huracan has the same price point as the SUV above, why did I not just mention it? Because the said 200 grand will not get you much. If you do not want the bare-bones model, you may end up with a bill of $300,000 and upwards. Steep.

But maybe we have all this wrong. Maybe it is true that you need an income in the upper six-figure range to be comfortable buying a new Lambo. In other words – you do have to be rich. Unless we approach the issue differently, that is.

How to buy a Lamborghini without being rich?

So high six figures are not what you would call a “reasonable” income. We are getting a bit into the wishful thinking territory here. However, I have found a way to get a Lamborghini without actually making so much money. It is not magic, and it is not illegal either. Just a tad outside general Lamborghini-buying practices.

It turns out you can get quite a deal on such vehicles if you check the used car market. The only problem is that you should not be very particular about the kind of Lambo you want. Because the only model that is somewhat affordably priced is the Gallardo. And that is the 2004-2005 production, not newer 2014 ones. Anyway, let’s get to the actual numbers.

A used Gallardo in a fairly good condition may be found for anywhere between $75,000-85,000. Granted, this is not a small price. You can buy 3 fairly good new cars for that much. But they will not be Lamborghinis, right? A supercar at that price is more than a bargain.

Plus, you do not need to be buying a Lamborghini for cash either. If you have good credit, you can manage to get a 72- or 84-month lease. At that point, you will be paying less than $1,000 a month for driving a supercar. This is even less if you consider that you will still be able to sell it for quite the sum after the end of the credit period.

This all seems very reasonable. It is not far-fetched to expect at least a 50% return on that $80,000. Maybe more, if you keep the car in good condition. So it is definitely possible to buy such a vehicle without being rich. If you do not have many expenses and earn above the median income, you have quite the chance of pulling it off.

Actually buying the car

It is one thing to talk about getting a Lamborghini, but a completely different thing to actually doing it. Because the used car market is a bit tricky. If you want the best deal, you will have to look for vehicles all over the States.

Have you bought your Lamborghini without being a millionaire? We’d love to hear your story!



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