If there is one vehicle that captures everything eco-activists fight against, that would be the Hummer. Its unapologetic marketing also drew a lot of attention. Because of it, the Hummer became an American staple vehicle – a big car for a big country.

Even so, this beast was rather short-lived. Who knew a time would come when US folks would actually care about fuel efficiency? Well, the 2008 crisis was a wake-up call for many, and the Hummer fell as one of the business casualties. By 2010, the car marque had officially stopped being manufactured.

Now, almost an entire decade later, the Humvee’s successor is getting revived! However, it will not be coming back with its former reputation. This time around, GMC is joining in the EV revolution. But can the old gas guzzler become the poster electric pickup? Let’s check that out!

The Hummer had a long road to travel

We have to admit one thing – the original Hummer was a great idea. Making a military vehicle viable for the general public seems a very US thing to do. And honestly, it did prove successful for a while.

Even now, the original 1992 Hummer H1 has a fanbase. Thanks to its off-road capabilities and rugged construction, the machine appeals to many. Yet even that very first model was chugging gas like crazy. It had an abysmal MPG ratio of 10.69. For comparison, some modern SUVs can get up to 30 mpg and above. Not quite the fair battle, sure, but a staggering difference nonetheless.

With that said, fewer people cared about efficiency at the time. When GM saw its potential, the company decided to get marketing rights. In 2002, they introduced Hummer H2, which also turned out fairly successful in its niche. It had an even worse fuel economy, with some testers claiming just about 9 mpg.

Seems like the automaker was not even trying to come up with a more efficient engine. The best it managed was 15 mpg on the latest Hummer H3. In light of all that, having  GMC jump straight to an electric SUV (or pickup, depending on the viewpoint) seems a bit… ambitious, to say the least. What is the carmaker really planning?

The Electric Hummer – Jumping on the EV bandwagon or something more?

In a world where polarization seems a regular occurrence, the EV market has been steadily growing nonetheless. I can guess why. Modern “green” cars have less to do with the Prius and more to do with Tesla Model S. Or to put it differently, if you want power, you go electric.

When we state it like this, one thing becomes apparent. GM is not shifting the Hummer market – they are catering to it. See, the cool kids do not go after gas guzzlers anymore. Even SUV enthusiasts understand there is no need for inefficiency nowadays. When we have an SUV that can get to 60 mph in 3.5 seconds, the bar is now completely different.

I think that General Motors is not trying to set the trend. Instead, the company is playing it safe by going after the performance EV market. But you know what? That is fine. Virtually every manufacturer is trying to shift focus towards electrics, at least partly.

However, as Porsche Taycan has shown us, going electric is not enough. If you do not bring anything new to the table, you will not see much success. How will the new Hummer compete against other premium eSUVs? What about the already infamous Cybertruck? There may be hope!

All you need to know about the new GMC Hummer

First and foremost, the Hummer is no longer its own thing. It falls entirely within the GMC lineup now. Does that mean much? Maybe not, but branding is not done lightly. Perhaps GM is planning on establishing a much more prominent presence once again. Well, with the Hummer, it may be on the right track. Here is why:

  • Massive power. GM wanted to make one thing clear from the start – the new Hummer will still be a beast. The engine will have 1,000 horsepower with 11,500 lb-ft torque. Now, that torque number is misleading. It will probably be somewhere closer to 800 lb-ft once you convert the raw torque to actual output.
  • Excellent acceleration. GM has stated that the vehicle can accelerate to 60 mph in 3 seconds. Does that sound familiar? Tesla has similar claims for its pickup. We understand whose audience the new GMC EV is going after.
  • Versatility to match. The Hummer has a signature look, but it can also fill different roles. Supposedly, it will have regular street-focused models, but also off-road versions too. Plus, GM is making it into an SUV-Pickup hybrid, which could be interesting.

Though all that sounds impressive, don’t be in haste to cheer. The new Hummer is at least two years away. Honestly, I am tired of all these grand reveals, such as that of Tesla Cybertruck. I mean, yes, everything sounds cool, but manufacturers are no longer pitching vehicles. Instead, they are giving us their awesome ideas. For all we know, they might be completely divorced from reality!

The possible pitfall of the electric GMC Hummer

Since everything is turning into a betting game, I take all numbers with a grain of salt. Sure, 1000 hp sounds impressive, but what does it even mean? For starters, horsepower works a bit differently with electric motors. Plus, even if you have a lot of it, performance relies on other things too.

Here is a fun balancing act that all EVs have to manage. The more powerful they are, the more battery they drain. That reduces the range. To counter that, you need a bigger battery. Well, that adds weight, and weight requires more power. It is a bit of a vicious cycle.

Because of this problem, most EV manufacturers are trying to make their vehicles as light as possible. But how light do you think a giant beast like the Hummer can be? I doubt GMC is going to beat Tesla, who has been in this game for a while. Ultimately, any numbers stated by GM may prove less impressive when put to the test.

For instance, the top Cybertruck engine is supposed to deliver real 1000 lb-ft of torque. Instead of addressing that, GM has decided to give us an inflated number. That makes me conclude that the EV Hummer depends too much on marketing and too little on real-life performance.

Does the GMC Hummer EV sound appealing?

In all honesty, I may have been a bit too critical of this EV. That is because I want it to turn out well. See, if Tesla finds proper competition, we can hope to see even better electrics in the future. Other companies will know that they need to step up their game. Even though all are making EVs, most are mediocre. At least the Hummer is aiming higher.

What is your opinion about it? Do you want it to be a good EV contender? Though this vehicle has a bit of a niche look, we could say the same about the Cybertruck. Yet that one proved successful enough. Maybe rough and rugged is the new slick and sexy!


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