This decade, we have a new automotive trend – modernizing old-school ideas. Volkswagen is resurrecting the VW Minibus, Honda nailed the old-timey look with the Honda E model, and Ford introduced an all-new Bronco. And do we love it!

People have gobbled the model up with pre-orders supposedly going over 230 thousand units. Seems like companies have finally learned that we no longer want another copycat ride.

So here we are, Ford has staked its claim and we just have to wait a little longer to get our hands on the new Bronco. But will it remain true to its name? Or is Ford playing us all with clever marketing and popular appeal? In fact, just how much do we really know about it? Time to find out!

What is the 2021 Ford Bronco?

When it first came out in 1965, Ford Bronco entered the segment of compact SUVs, which was very popular at the time. It came in many different versions and was an instant success. So much so that Chevrolet made the Blazer to compete directly with the Bronco.

In terms of design, the new Bronco draws inspiration from the first generation of its namesake. The old beast has sold six-figure units as well, so the continuation is definitely there. And did you notice the giant nameplate? Old school!

With all that said, there have been some changes, too. For example, the first-gen Bronco was exclusively compact with only 2-door variants (or 3, depending on what you count). The new one will allow for more customization with an interesting convertible spin. It will come in short and long versions, akin to what Jeep is doing. Let’s dig a little deeper!

What do we know about the new Bronco?

Perhaps it would be better to say that the now sixth-gen Ford Bronco is not based on only one of its predecessors. It likely carries some ideas from all of them. And it also introduces some we have never seen in the lineup before.

For instance, it has a modular hard-top convertible roof, which you can replace for a soft-top if you want. Its modular nature allows for a lot of customization. Truth be told, the car does look very futuristic, but its longevity concerns me. It may turn into a drawback if it ends up requiring additional maintenance.

Ford has tried to make the vehicle an off-roader’s and camper’s dream. You can purchase so many great add-ons to fit your exact needs. For one, you can have a slide-out tailgate in addition to your swing rear door. They have also made it easy to fit an entire bed in the back.

Another notable thing: the Bronco seems to be presented as a direct competitor to the modern Wrangler. As such, it carries that true SUV spirit that is lacking in most modern “utility vehicles”. Honestly, this is a breath of fresh air. We need more cars that can handle rough terrain, not let a single company (ahem, Jeep) dominate the market. Does Ford have the chops for it though?

2021 Ford Bronco Technical Details

  • Engine – Say goodbye to the V8 legacy, at least for a while. Currently, the model will house only 4- and 6-cylinder engines. The good news? They will come with plenty of power: 270 – 310 hp, to be precise. Almost double some of the old V8’s!
  • Transmission – Here we get into some controversy. Fans wanted the Bronco with manual transmission and they can now have it so. Sadly, it will only be available for the smaller engine. If you prefer automatic, you can pick a 10-speed transmission instead.
  • Dimensions – Compared to its first-generation, even the 2-door versions of the new Bronco will be considerably bigger. The shorter body will be around 175 inches, while the longer – up to 190 inches. With a width of 79 inches, it has definitely outgrown the “compact” label.
  • Smart systems – Virtually all new cars have different smart features. However, here we have something cooler: different off-roading modes. Most enthusiasts will likely not care about them, but off-roading beginners will have a smoother learning curve. I find that very inclusive, and the right thing to do.

Why is the 2021 Bronco such a success?

The hype for the new Bronco has reached Tesla Cybertruck levels. Both models brag about record-breaking pre-order numbers, modularity, futuristic elements, off-road options, and camping add-ons, among other things. However, while the Cybertruck has yet to arrive, Ford is not waiting around!

One of the biggest factors for such a success is its availability. You can actually have a close look at the Bronco and know exactly what you will be getting. Sure, it may not be an EV, but that may be another plus.

Most off-road enthusiasts do not drool over new hyped up systems and automation. That is why they wanted the Bronco to have a manual transmission as well. It makes you feel connected to your car.

It looks like Ford has done its best to keep the innovations mechanical. By this, I mean that many of the new additions do not rely on complicated electronic systems. They pump up the convenience of the car, without making it yet another computer on wheels (unlike the Cybertruck).

Let’s say it plainly – the Bronco does it right. It offers more comfort, more power, and more utility while keeping it simple at the same time. Not too little, but not too much either. Ironically, that makes it fairly affordable too. Is that not a recipe for success?

Do you like the new Bronco?

As a fan of true off-road SUVs, Ford won me over with this one. I am not even sure if Jeep Wrangler can top it soon enough. The Bronco comes with so many new features that Jeep needs to step up its game now, in my opinion.

And yet… Too much hype is never good. Let’s hope that Ford can ultimately deliver on all its promises. Otherwise, it might be the last nail in the coffin of the entire Bronco future.

What do you think? Are you ready to jump on the Bronco’s bandwagon or do you prefer to wait this one out?


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