Since the very beginning of Santa’s nightly flights across the globe, his sleigh has been on the cutting edge of vehicles. While other carriages only had about two horsepower at most, Santa rocked a whole 8 reindeer power beast!

Now, if we trust Hollywood, reindeer power does not translate directly into horsepower, so our comparisons may fall short. Several propaganda movies have been made to show how old school reindeer just get the job done better than an engine, for example. But come on – you and I both know that Santa loves his tech. After all, he keeps on leaving brand new smartphones for kids all over the world.

With that in mind, today we are taking a look at some of Santa’s sleigh upgrades throughout the years. He might keep showing his reindeer off, but let’s see what he is driving when no one is looking!

Santa loves luxury

Santa's sleigh reimagined

The bearded jolly old man may like to give children toys and gifts, but he treats himself as well. And no, I am not talking just about those cookies and milk next to a Christmas tree. He just likes having a comfortable ride in a reliable vehicle. Which is why he has a Lexus in his arsenal!

With that said, I would not call his Lexus sleigh exactly imaginative. I mean, for a luxury brand you would expect more attention to detail. Instead, they just slapped on a red LED for a nose and added some rails to call their LC model a sleigh.

Still, I have to give it to the automaker in terms of power – with 800 reindeer power and a hybrid engine, this thing travels fast. Plus, it shows they care about the polar ice caps, which Santa also adores. So while in terms of design Toyota (and Lexus) do fall a bit short, they make up for it in all the other important aspects!

Santa’s daily workhorse – A trusty pickup truck

Santa's sleigh reimagined

Before Santa had the resources to go into luxury cars, he had to make do with cheap, but trusty alternatives. And what better to replace a sleigh than a pickup truck?

Truth be told, I cannot just give you a single model, because Santa has a few of them. He understands pickup truck classes and likely has one of each to fit his needs. From the smallest half-ton Chevrolet of the ’40s to the heavy-duty GMC Sierra, Father Christmas knows what to choose for his yearly hauling needs!

In my opinion, if Santa has to ever bet on a single vehicle, a pickup would be the obvious go-to. Though he might want to consider something with a bit more presence. Perhaps the F-350 Raptor?

Honorable mentions

Prior to revealing my all-time favorite Santa machine, we should also note some other vehicles in the (in)famous North Pole garage.

  • Jaguar F-Type (and F-Sleigh)

Naturally, many companies want to get on Santa’s “nice” list. Because of this, they make up prototypes for him to try out (though I am sure bribery counts as “naughty”). Of all the prototypes though, Jaguar F-Sleigh actually takes a different route. They made it out of ice! So, yes, not exactly operable, but props to Jaguar for thinking outside the box.

  • Mercedes GLK (or GLSleigh)
Santa's sleigh

For all we can tell, Saint Nicholas looks like a humble person. That being said, sometimes people judge your presence by the type of car you drive. Thus, for occasions where looks matter, Mercedes-Benz has gifted Santa with a proper luxury off-road machine. Not sure if he brags about it, but it doesn’t hurt to have it just in case!

  • Ford Fusion/Mondeo Sleigh

Since Ford knows it cannot compete on the luxury level, the carmaker has chosen a different strategy. Its version of Santa’s sleigh bets on practicality. Over the years Ford has offered Kringle several versions of its affordable sedan, but whether Santa actually drives any of them… no one knows.

Muscle and looks – The best sleigh in Santa’s collection

If you have been following our blog for a while now, you know the love we have for muscle cars like Ford Mustang. That being said, Santa prefers Dodge. More specifically, he likes to ride around in a Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye Express.

Santa's sleigh

Let me tell you, this beast blows away all of Santa’s reindeer and then some! With its 786 hp, the car-sleigh is almost 100 times as fast. Okay, I get it, those reindeer might be getting some special juice to bump their power-up, but even so, they are no match. The only drawback to the Hellcat version of the sleigh? Santa gets so pumped up about it that he actually forgets to do his job on Christmas Eve. So, reluctantly, he leaves this one in the garage for the time being!

With all that said, considering how many sleighs Father Christmas has, that toy manufacturing business turns out to be raking quite the profit. Who knew! But which of the engine-powered sleighs in this article do you like the most? Or would you rather Santa stick to his trusty old reindeer?


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