The call for adventure pulls on all of us. Some take heed, others… not so much. But all of us want to experience the thrill every once in a while.

No wonder then that a road trip serves as a great example of an iconic American adventure. A country so vast just makes you want to explore it from end to end. Some people take it a step farther and start living the vanlife, roaming the States.

Today we are hopping on an adventure of our own. Join me as I explore some epic rides to take you on a trip across the US. With them, the thrill is certain!

What is the best vehicle for a road trip?

Before I share my favorite picks with you, we should discuss some criteria. That being said, they will differ from person to person. Here is my list of requirements:

  • Comfort – The longer the trip the more important it becomes. Sure, you can roam around in a small city car, but I doubt you would enjoy the experience. That makes comfort my number one criterion.
  • Reliability – You do not want your car to break down in the middle of nowhere. And in the case that it does, you want it to be easy to repair.
  • Utility – The ride you pick has to cover all of your needs. If you have a big family, a coupe will hardly make sense. However, if you are just with your significant other, a grand tourer offers plenty of utility. Yet a race car would likely offer you close to zero in that regard. This is why I have a variety of picks for people in different situations.

Of course, we can add tons of other necessities. Still, I think I have mentioned the most common for all people, while others would be on a case-by-case basis. Now that you know what I am looking for, let’s see our choice of epic cars for an epic road trip.

Volkswagen Minibus – The staple pick

Okay, this may be a bit cliché, but no road trip list would be complete without the VW Minibus. So, I decided to be open and put it straight at the top.

Nevertheless, I have a twist for you. While finding an old Minibus is a tough job, the gem will be revived sometime soon. But you have other options as well. Some VW Transporter vans are available on the used market, so maybe try those out. They would make for an awesome road trip experience.

California #vanlife cars for an epic road trip

Audi RS6 Avant – For the luxury enthusiast

All luxury brands advertise high comfort. What do they lack? They often do not have a lot of utility, and reliability also tends to be on the bad side. Not with the RS6!

This wagon offers a lot of space, tons of comfort, luxury extras, and… speed! Yes, this is the Swiss Army Knife of sports cars. Even its reliability is above average in the luxury segment. You can have a truly epic road trip, especially if you plan to stick mainly to the interstate. If you want to veer off track, I have a different option for you!


Jeep Cherokee XJ – Have an off-road trip

One of the greatest things about the US is that one moment you can be on the road and then cruise along off-road routes the next. To do that effectively though, you would need a proper vehicle. For a couple, Jeep Wrangler YJ would be great. However, there is a more versatile choice – Cherokee XJ!

Used Jeeps make for the perfect road trip vehicles because you can do whatever you want with them. You can mod them to suit your needs, and mechanics all across the US can work on them. Plus, the XJ has plenty of space for you to load it up and take your kids if you wish!

cars for an epic road trip

Ford Mustang – The truly epic road trip experience

Muscle cars and road trips go together so well because they both feel a very US thing. And what better car to experience that than the Mustang? Of course, you can also go with a Camaro or a Challenger, but I prefer Ford for this kind of thing.

Is it comfortable though? Quite a lot actually! Even older versions offer a superb driving experience. Of course, it is not meant for a family trip, but a couple can have an amazing experience in this beast. Almost as if you have taken the idea out of a movie.


Toyota Tundra – The all-in-one solution

Most folks do not associate pickups with road trips. However, the Tundra is an epic vehicle that can actually make your trip as exciting as it gets. For starters, it can handle some rough terrain. Then you can also fill it up with stuff for different activities. And if you do not mind modding it, you could have a camper on your hands.

Honestly, if I had to pick one car, I would likely go with the Tundra. Comfort? Check. Reliability? You bet! Utility? Hey, it’s an off-roadworthy pickup! Summer, winter, the interstate, or rough terrain – you name it, the Tundra handles it!


What car should you pick for a road trip?

One thing lacking in my list is any kind of recreational vehicle. Why have I omitted them? Because while you can have an awesome vacation in one of those, they are simply not as versatile.

That being said, you can still have a great road trip with them. If you do not care about off-roading at all, and having a sportsy feel does nothing for you, by all means, buy or rent an RV for your trip. Still, I just do not feel they are “epic” enough to include them here.

Anyway, let’s put my picks to the side. Yes, I have given you some options, but maybe you have something different in mind. Do you have a specific car that you dream of taking on a road trip? Be sure to mention it. While you are at it, tell me about what makes a road trip “epic” for you!


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