If there is one automotive thing Americans love, this would be our giant vehicles. When SUVs became a thing they took the market by storm. Some may even say they have marked the end of the American sedan. But now comes a time of change even for the SUVs. Enter the electric motor!

As a trend, EVs may have even surpassed our favorite SUVs. They have gained so much popularity in such a short time that we can definitely say the trend is here to stay. The fact that most major manufacturers are considering a total switch towards EVs only supports our claim.

Fortunately for us, EVs and SUVs fit together perfectly. A big car with zero emissions and excellent efficiency? Sign me up!

If you are like me, then you are super excited about this prospect. The drawbacks to getting an SUV are now fewer and fewer. This is why today I want to explore what eSUV options we have as of now (or in the near future). Granted, they are not that many, but they are paving the way for something incredibly awesome. So buckle up and enjoy the ride!

Is an electric SUV even worth it?

As you will see in a second, the eSUV selection is still very limited. But if you think about it, fully electric vehicles are scarce altogether. We have the Tesla models, of course, but how many others can you name?

Market-wise the EV niche is still in its infancy. It will take 5 or 6 more years for it to become big enough. And contrary to popular opinion this is actually great for us. You can get a new eSUV without remorse now because, by the time EVs have settled firmly, you will be up for a new car anyway.

Even if you are not considering a new vehicle yet, it is worth checking out the state of the eSUV market. It can at least show you what you can expect in a short while. The trend-setting battle has begun and we can be witnesses to it. I, for one, find that very intriguing. Let’s see what the future has in store!

Stating the obvious – Tesla Model X

I open up our list with probably the most popular electric SUVs. As with other Tesla models, Model X has suffered through quite a lot of nasty remarks. The interesting part here is that most of them seem to be unsubstantiated.

First, let me say that this vehicle is obviously not targeted at the mass market. It is a luxury car through and through. That puts it more in the enthusiast category. But, as you may know, enthusiasts are not the most welcoming people in the world, hence all the criticism towards it.

Whether you like Tesla or not has nothing to do with the merits of this vehicle though. Model X has a lot going for it, and we should not simply dismiss it because it is Tesla. For instance, I appreciate how much thought there is in its safety systems. Even if this was the only major thing about it, I would still consider it a worthwhile benefit. But there are other things as well!

Tesla Model X comes with a great range (thanks to its huge batteries), and superb acceleration as well. The aesthetic appeal is up to personal taste, of course, but I like the futuristic design language. However, I also understand that you may be tired of hearing about Tesla. So come and check out our next entry!

Luxury is definitely a thing – Jaguar I-Pace

When we talk about the high-end market, most people do not immediately think of Jaguar. However, this car marque has a long history and I have always appreciated them. This is why I have to say that the I-Pace is perhaps my favorite electric SUV.

Aside from having an appealing exterior, its interior is what catches my eye the most. The folks at Jaguar have managed to strike a nice balance between futurism and timelessness. Plus it comes at a much lower price than one would expect for such a car.

That being said, not everything about it is great. Some have criticized it for not being a true SUV. Though I would say such criticism can fly in the face of most such cars nowadays. I have already written about the rise of the crossover and my opinion on it. But even if the I-Pace is not the off-road beast people want, I can still enjoy it for what it tries to do.

A beast with German blood – Audi E-Tron

It seems like we are going to stick with luxury SUVs. Though this time around, things are a bit different.

One of the most common complaints people have about EVs is that most of them do not look like normal cars. Perhaps the designers are deliberately trying to say “Hey, look, this is not your traditional vehicle”. Well, I kind of agree that they may be overdoing it a bit. This is why Audi E-Tron with its more traditional design is a breath of ironically fresh air.

Aside from its looks, you should also pay attention to its overall utility. It comes with great range (about 250 miles) and supposedly faster charging than that of the Model X or the I-Pace. It lacks a bit in power though, making it fall behind in acceleration tests.

In my eyes, the E-Tron is not going to win over people, who are not already fans of Audi. But if you are looking for a more conservative design with that staple German luxury, the E-Tron is definitely a great choice!

The affordable spaceship – Kia Niro EV

electric SUVs
Image Source: insideevs.com

All of the previous eSUVs fall within the luxury category. Naturally, many of us may feel a bit excluded. Then comes Kira Niro EV – the eSUV for the everyday person!

Granted, Kia cars are not exactly a synonym of exceptional quality or utmost attention to detail. Yet you cannot deny that they have something going with the Niro EV. Design-wise it reminds me of a spaceship both inside and out. Specs-wise… things are not exactly stellar.

All things considered, this eSUV comes with a decent range, plenty of space (for its class) and is extremely affordable. I say it is suitable for anyone who wants an electric crossover but does not want to spend a lot on it!

Going too far – Mercedes-Benz EQ C

Image Source: insideevs.com

Mercedes-Benz is one of those companies, which has some sort of its own niche. People know them to be German cars with class. While BMW and Audi usually try to tackle the sports car segments too, the folks at Mercedes stay primarily in their conservative lane. This makes their EQ C model even more surprising.

First of all, the frontal design of this car is hideous. I know that is subjective, but it carries little of Mercedes-Benz’s spirit. Second of all, I think it does not know what it wants to be. Who are they targeting with it? Tesla fans would not go with such a car, while Mercedes fans would want the conservative aesthetic.

Of course, I could be wrong. It is possible that they come up with something extraordinary about it, which would make it sell well. As of now though nothing in it excites me, and even its range is not anything to brag about.

Staying within your lane – BMW IX3

In the world of vehicle manufacturers, BMW is known to experiment quite a lot. Sadly, their foray into luxury hybrid cars with the i3 and i8 has proven to be somewhat underwhelming. I feel much more optimistic about the IX3 though. It looks like a real gem that is worth considering.

As the name suggests, it is the electric brother of the X3. That means it carries that appealing design into the EV territory. Sadly, we cannot say anything more about it because… Well, there is not a lot of information out there.

To make things worse BMW IX3, like Porsche Taycan, may prove to be a little bit too late to the party. It is expected in 2020, by which point people may be expecting something more. Not to mention that current speculations place it quite deeply into the luxury pricing tier (currently sitting at above $80,000). Considering it is on the rather small side, its success is far from certain. We can only hope that the design language and supposedly great range will be enough to satisfy people’s expectations!

Are you ready for an electric SUV?

When I look at the current eSUV market I cannot say it is a welcoming place. The I-Pace draws me in, but honestly, I would rather wait a little longer. Too bad that car innovations do not happen that rapidly.

But what do you think? Are you ready to get your piece of the EV pie with a nice electric SUV? Even if you do not want one now, I am still curious which would you pick if you had to!


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