If you take a look at the American auto industry in its entirety, you can notice very interesting trends. But for auto enthusiasts who like sporty vehicles, there are only two categories – muscle and speed. And when it comes to speed, I cannot think of a more iconic mention than the Corvette.

Now, the Corvette may not be the fastest vehicle around. It may not be the prettiest either. It may not even be “the most American”. And yet, the model is perhaps the most desired sports car for many Americans. However, that does not really tell you much. Why?

There are way too many Corvette models, so the name alone does not mean a great deal. That is why I have decided to figure out which of this vehicle’s iterations is the most wanted one. Let’s see what there is to find!

A quick mention for the newer Corvettes

Cars have evolved to be beautiful, fast, and breath-taking. All the newer models look awesome, there is no doubt about that. However, there is something special about the classic Corvette. I cannot quite pin it down, but it has to do with its spirit. It has aged well, and maybe the modern one will catch up to it one day. But for now, we will only include it as an honorable mention.

So which of the newer models should catch your attention the most? In my opinion, the 2017 Corvette Grand Sport takes the lead with flying colors. It is a beast with 460 horsepower on the LT1 6.2L engine. But these are not just numbers – it gets from 0 to 60 in 3.6 secs. So it is a true successor of the original Grand Sport.

Defining the rules

Now that we have already dealt with the modern age, we can properly turn back to the classics. With their curvy design, vintage aesthetics and amazing engine sounds, these models are a pure treasure. So are you ready to know the winner here? Yeah, I was too. But then I faced an issue.

When I set out to find the Chevrolet Corvette that everyone wants, I hit a brick wall. How do we actually define that? Do I look for the most expensive model? That surely does not mean it is the most desired. What about the most bought? That also does not necessarily mean “most wanted”.

I figured I can just research what the “best” model is. But, obviously, the internet does not agree on that either. So I decided to drop looking for “the one model” and I will instead give you some noteworthy candidates. You can have your pick from any of them!

Who cares about the price?

classic corvette
Image Source: mecum.com

It goes without saying that cars are not cheap. But $3,850,000 is not exactly a price that you would consider “reasonable”. Surprisingly though, a 1967 Chevrolet Corvette L88 got sold for exactly that amount. However, considering there are only 20 such vehicles ever built, the price seems more than fair.

It is interesting to note that this is not even the most expensive Corvette out there. The low end for this model is around $1,000,000, but there are known ‘Vettes that go up to 8 mils. Yes, a bit steep, I would say.

The scarcity of the 1967 L88 model made it a prized collection piece, even in the year of its production. It was not just for show either. This Corvette could hold its own with 430 HP, according to the manufacturer. The funny part? It was actually more along the lines of 560 HP when tested. Not too shabby.

If you have the opportunity to get your hands on one of these 20 gems, go for it. They are the secret dream of every Corvette fan, so you will never be left without attention.

The first Corvette with a V8 engine

classic corvette
Image Source: mecum.com

History tells us that the ‘Vette had its debut in 1953. Back then it was an interesting addition to the array of sports cars on the market. And yet it was nothing new, like Jaguar, Ferrari, and Aston Martin had already staked their claim as sporty vehicles.

However, come 1955 things changed. The Chevy Corvette got its now-staple V8 engine and things started looking much brighter for the American beast. The performance boost of that motor made this Chevy a much more desirable vehicle. That was likely the main reason why it did so well, making the company continue on with its second generation.

The 1955 Corvette V8 can be found at different auctions online and it is much more affordable than our previous mention. So if you are looking for a classic model to buy, this one may just fit your budget with prices around the $100,000 mark.

The third generation beast

Image Source: mecum.com

When people talk about classic vehicles, they cannot always agree on what is considered such. But we can safely say that the first three generations of the Corvette model fall well within the classic domain.

The third generation, in particular, is the longest-running one of all with 14 years of production. Yet, among its most iconic pieces is the 1969 Corvette L88. Wait, isn’t that the same as the expensive model from two minutes ago? Well, actually, no!

While it may sound like these two vehicles should be nearly identical, they are not. In fact, the 1969 model builds well upon the design of its predecessor. From a classier, sportier look it turns to a more muscle one. Its aesthetics get more aggressive and the overall build seems a little bit closer to ground.

That being said, the price is not all that different. You need to shell out upwards of $450,000 for the regular 1969 L88. But if you want something more exciting, you can go to almost 3 times the price with the ZL1 version.

Are you ready to go all-in?

Let’s say you are now convinced that a ‘Vette seems like a good investment. Keep in mind that you do not need to buy the most expensive one. There are a lot of nice models, which sell for a lot less than the mentioned here. But are you ready to go all-in? What’s your  ‘Vette?



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