The world has known many great vehicles throughout the years. A lot of countries have shown us that building cars is a form of collective art. But Germany is one of the places that does not have only one or two brands to brag about – it has tons! And while Audi, BMW, and Mercedes are undoubtedly awesome, there is something unique about Porsche.

This car brand does not have tons of models under its name. It does not cater to all budget brackets, nor does it care about petty performance quarrels. Some of its models may be built on Audi and VW platforms, and still they offer something completely different. Perhaps that is the most interesting thing about Porsche – it is the car marque that does not produce mediocre vehicles.

This is only one of the reasons why many of this manufacturer’s models are now considered classics. That is why today we are going to look at some of them to see what makes them so special. Let’s dive straight in.


The elephant in the room – Porsche 911



I just had to mention it. The 911 model is so iconic that it is almost synonymous with Porsche itself. Even if you are not that familiar with the manufacturer, you know what their cars look like. And that is largely due to the 911 Carrera model.

Here I can point out one of the things that speak of the genius of Porsche’s designers. Throughout all their models you can clearly see a connection. You can look at the first 911 in 1963 and see design concepts carried out in its 2018 version. How many other car manufacturers can boast such a thing? I cannot even think of one. But the 911 is not the only remarkable model, so we are moving on!


The James Dean’s jewel – Porsche 550 Spyder


The 1953 Porsche 550 Spyder is as classic as it gets, but you cannot even find it nowadays. However, it is a masterpiece of a vehicle, both sports- and aesthetics-wise. And it obviously carries the spirit of Porsche, so you cannot mistake it in any way.

Did you know that this car is one of the most replicated ones out there? To this day people are rebuilding the design because they want it to stay alive. And so do we!


The hidden treasure – Porsche 718

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If this model means nothing to you, I would not be surprised. It did not mean much to me either. But as it turns out, two of the most popular current Porsche models are actually inspired by the original 1957 Porsche 718.

This car was meant to continue the job of the 550 Spyder. That meant it was designed strictly for racing and thus did not see much praise outside of those circles at the time. However, it is now a classic, even if it is not amongst the best-recognized ones. But hey, you probably love it without even knowing it!


The Boxster and the Cayman

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The two 718-inspired models I mentioned in the previous entry are exactly these. As far as classy sports cars go, you cannot go wrong with any of them. The Boxster is the roadster version, while the Cayman is its coupé counterpart.

Sure, there are part of the modern lineup and do not qualify as classic cars, but are still among the most enjoyed Porsche vehicles out there. If you ask the purists, these are the last “truly Porsche” cars in the lineup, aside from the 911 model. And there is some merit to that claim.

Both the Boxster and the Cayman are the attempts to appeal both to hardcore Porsche fans, and general sports car fans alike. As 2-door, 2-seaters, they are not really suitable for “work” and are much more recreational in that regard. Which actually fails to set them apart from the 911 all that much.

And indeed, these two models are living in the shadow of their predecessor. But targeted at younger audiences and serving as entry-level models, they still have a place in the hearts of many.


The necessary evolution

Back in the past, Porsche was all about speed, racing, and sports vehicles. This is the foundation, upon which the marque’s reputation was built. They did not cater to any other audience and thus grew a very loyal fan base.

But with time things change. Tastes do not remain the same and the needs of the population shift. If rich folk mostly wanted sporty vehicles back then, now it is all about luxury, class, and presence. Yet for the longest time Porsche could not provide anything in that regard.

What did that mean for the manufacturer? All of a sudden its customer base was no longer as robust. A change was in store. Throughout many attempts at creating a more general-audience vehicle, the brand finally hit the spot with its first SUV – Porsche Cayenne.


Why did the SUV win?

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Of course, in the beginning, it was hated by the purists. After all, it was a major change in the philosophy of Porsche. But in due time people started loving it for various reasons.

Firstly, it targeted customers, who wanted something more when it came to luxury. That meant people, who do not want to go with something as basic as VW Touareg or even its sibling – Audi Q7. That is not to say that these two vehicles are not luxurious. They just do not quite cut it in the same way that Porsche does.

Secondly, Porsche was no longer associated solely with sports and races. But everybody knew that the marque knew how to build vehicles. It defined what luxury means. So Porsche had all the required reputation to make it work. And thus they sold their SUV to the people who could afford it AND want it.

That is all because an SUV is suitable as a family car, but looks much better than a minivan. It has class and it leans heavily towards business. Add to that the sheer awesomeness that comes with Porsche and you have a recipe for success.


Would you buy a Porsche?

The great thing is that you can either choose a classic or go with a newer model. They are all incredible. Even less popular models like the Macan are still amazing, while the Panamera is growing quite the fan base.

What do you think about this car manufacturer? Do you enjoy their vehicles? Do you want one in your garage? Share with us in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!




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