Of all the supercar brands, there is one that regularly diverges from the norm. While that does not necessarily mean success, Lamborghini has been intriguing enthusiasts for decades now.

Take, for instance, the trend-following Lamborghini Sian. It managed to raise some eyebrows recently and even divide people. But how does Lamborghini do it? It all started with the Countach!

Why Countach is Lamborghini’s most important model

What comes to mind when you hear “Lamborghini”? Most likely scissor doors and edgy designs. But did you know that the company had none of those prior to the Countach?

The marque had 7 models before that, and all of them were nothing special in terms of design. That does not mean they were bad cars, but they were not distinctive enough. And considering that Lamborghini wanted to stick it to Ferrari, it could not do it by simply copying the rival. So, the automaker went crazy instead!

If all previous models were fairly conservative, the new one took a 180-degree turn! It pioneered the now-signature wedge shape and scissor doors. Plus, its seemingly aerodynamic design can now be seen in virtually all but a few of Lamborghini’s models. I say “seemingly” because it actually has awful aerodynamics.

Still, what did all those changes do for the company? They made it recognizable, winning it tons of fans. And also, tons of haters. Funny enough, these groups largely overlap!

What made the Countach so special?

Plenty of car brands had tried to experiment with aesthetics in the past. Most of them failed miserably with ugly cars we love to hate now. To be honest, though, Lamborghini Countach is not actually that good-looking either.

I know, I know, decades later we now love that vehicle. It has that 70’s or 80’s vibe while also being a supercar. But if we take an honest look at it, we have to say that technically, it is just not that good!

Check out these reasons why:

  • An awesomely terrible design – While iconic, no one claims the Countach’s design is actually functional. Heck, among 4 side windows, 3 don’t open at all, and one only opens halfway. You can barely squeeze your hand through it!
  • Scissor doors with a flaw – They look cool, right? What doesn’t look cool is where the lock is facing: downwards. You cannot even see it properly unless you bend. Sticking your key in there without looking would end up in scratched paint!
  • Who needs driver safety? – Firstly, forget about being able to see anything behind the car. Secondly, if you ever find yourself in heavy rain, you better stop. Why? Well, the wiper cannot actually wipe the driver’s side of the windshield. Oh, yes, and rain easily gets in the battery compartment because of no insulation at all. Genius!

These are just some of the ridiculous aspects of the car. I have not even covered the interior, which has its fair share of craziness too.

But here is the interesting part… If the Countach had so many flaws, you would have expected it to flop from the get-go. Sure, many people joked about it, and yet it was still successful. So much so that it had a production run of 16 years. What gives?

Why Lamborghini Countach was a success

You may not know this, but Lamborghini had a different mission in the beginning. Though now the company is known as a supercar brand, it used to be focused on grand tourers. Until the Miura, that is – their first supercar.

In a way, the company stumbled upon its identity by accident. The Countach solidified that by being the right car at the right time.

Not only was it a breath of fresh air in a rather stale period of car manufacturing, but it also flew against the conventions of the period. It was not fuel-efficient, it did not market safety, and most certainly – it was not “every person’s car”.

Did it have flaws? Yes, but so did every other vehicle. At least the Countach had a character that told you something about the person who drove it. And a lot of people wanted to be that person!

What is the best thing about Lamborghini Countach?

Lamborghini Countach

You may love it or hate, or both. You might think it is the best car ever or a complete disaster. In any case, this vehicle will impact you in some way and will not leave you without an opinion. So, if you had to tell me one thing that stands out the most to you, what would it be?

I have my own answer: the concept itself. Throughout history, we have seen that big success comes only after big risks. And the very idea of the Countach turned out to be so crazy, it actually worked!

With all that said, having your hands on the model would be pretty tough. That does not mean you cannot taste some of its legacy, though! Check this out: How to buy a Lamborghini without being a millionaire!


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